Thank you for all that you do for my wonderful Brides and their guests (and their littlest guests, too!)

Always a pleasure,

Sophie Spier, M.A.

CEM - Chief Event Manager

Amazing Days Events

I can't believe the wedding has come and gone. 

We are all so thankful to you and your staff for providing such excellent care for the children.

My sister was certainly right to suggest that we use

"The Little Guest" - and it was truly a joy to work with you.

My great nephews and niece had a wonderful time at the wedding - and because of you, so did their parents.

Actually that went for all of the parents whose children were under your care either at the ranch or at the hotels. 

So, thank you so much. All the best.

 - Penny B.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful, kind, caring, and respectful sitters you provided for our son's wedding. The kids had a fabulous time, your materials held their interest, and the parents enjoyed their "adult time", knowing that their children were safe and happy! Even friends and family without children were impressed with your services. You should franchise to the east coast! I've never heard of this type of service offered there. So thanks again!

 - Elina H.

dear debbie,

this note is LONG overdue but my wife, alison and i had a wedding up in cayucos at the end of october at the cayucos creek barn and i can't thank you and your staff enough for the amazing service.  our guests couldn't have been happier, the kids had the best time -- some of the kids are still talking about it, actually! -- and we were so grateful to you all for making it such a memorable and easy night.

it couldn't have been any better and my only disappointment was not getting to properly thank that amazing on-site staff.  when i look back at the pictures, i see your staff playing with the kids, the kids are having SO much fun and i just wanted to personally thank you.  

we've told many people about your amazing service and we would recommend you to anyone!

thanks again for being such a big part of our special day.

all the best,

liz t.

I have heard nothing but raving reviews about your services at my wedding. I just want to thank you and your staff so much for taking care of all of my cherished little ones on our wedding day! It was so very wonderful of all of you to really go above and beyond! I will always recommend your services. Thank you so much!

 - Chrystie L.

Thank you for making sure our little ones had a great time!

 - Laura M.

Your team was just so wonderful! Thank you so much! Everyone raved about your services and I've had many requests for your contact info. Thank you for your help in making our "Jungle Safari" baby shower such a hit!

- Jennifer L.

The child care that you and your associates provided was great and added so much to everyone’s enjoyment of the event.  Reports are that all of the kids had a good time and their parents were so pleased about the arrangements.  Few, I think, had previously been to a wedding that included special activities for children.  As the father of the two little twins said, “This was a game changer.”

If we can offer our recommendations for your services to any potential clients, we would be happy to do so.

- Candace B.

Thank you for the tremendous impact you made at our recent party - you and your crew were wonderful! I had so many parents comment on how nice it was for both of them & the kids to have some entertainment planned - and they raved about how your staff engaged the children. Many, many thanks... and I'll be sure to call you for our next gathering!

- Patty M.

I have never wished I lived in the central coast more than I do after visiting your website! What a true blessing your services must be for the brides and grooms who utilize you! I am getting married in three weeks and anticipate many, many children. I was unsuccessfully trying to find teens to baby sit the children in the church's cry room during the wedding Mass. I would have never believed it, (without seeing it for myself), that such a wonderful service existed out there!

I hope someday that services such as yours exist across the country, for the rest of us crazed brides! You're a true angel!

- Gina S.

One of the best decisions Michael and I made was hiring your childcare company! You truly made the wedding a success for us, and our friends with children. It wouldn't have been the same enjoyable wedding without you.

- Sophia Haberkorn

I just wanted to thank you for entertaining the children for our reunion. We had nothing but positive feedback from everyone there. You have a super business and I will highly recommend The Little Guest every chance I get. Thank you again!

- Michelle O.

The Little Guest was really the highlight of our family reunion. Having the children well cared for allowed the rest of us to enjoy a nice visit. We were all really pleased with your service and hope to tell everyone we know how terrific you are and of what you offer! A big Thank You!


- Tracy D.

What a wonderful time you provided for our younger guests! Though several of the "older" children (around age 10) were rather nonplused when I told them about you, they all had an extremely good time, and so, therefore did their parents. Your skill with children was evident in the way they immediately warmed up to you, and the joy and delight on their faces. And having the room available for the teens and (and college-age) really added to their enjoyment as well. Thank you so much for helping to make my parent's 50th wedding anniversary an event that all ages will remember fondly.

- Noni P.